Waynesboro DUI Lawyer: Former Senator DUI

Best Waynesboro DUI Lawyer

Best Waynesboro DUI Lawyer

Waynesboro DUI Lawyer: Former Senator DUI:  Even if you are not a former senator, if you have received a Waynesboro DUI contact Bob Keefer today for a FREE CASE EVALUATION. There is no cost or obligation and your conversation will remain private and confidential.  You can schedule your FREE Evaluation using the highlighted link above by calling 540.433.6906 or by emailing Info@BobKeefer.com.  Get the benefit of Bob’s more than 30 Years Experience.

Waynesboro DUI Lawyer: Former Senator DUI: In mid-January, 2015, Steven Alves, a former Rhode Island State Senator was involved in a multi-vehicle motor vehicle collision in Lincoln, R.I.  According to law enforcement, Alves rear ended a tractor trailer crushing the front end of his vehicle.  A vehicle behind Alves swerved to miss striking Alves’ vehicle, lost control, striking both the right side guard rail and the concrete barrier in the median.

Waynesboro DUI Lawyer: Former Senator DUI:  Alves, in his last term as Senator, was chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.  The Chairmanship of this Committee is a powerful post.  Alves is now a lobbyist in Rhode Island.

Waynesboro DUI Lawyer: Former Senator DUI:  Alves apparently attempted the roadside gymnastics after this horrendous collision ensuring his arrest for DUI.  Alves then refused the breath test at the police station.  Alves should have refused the field sobriety tests, making statements to the officers and the preliminary breath test in the field.  He should have taken the evidential breath tester.

Sometimes Officers manipulate the accused depending on what result they expect from the evidential test.  For example, several years ago I listened to a video where the Officers suspected the Accused of being under the influence of marijuana.  The Accused was very upset because he thought that he had passed the field sobriety tests.  Indeed, if these “tests” had been properly instructed, administered and graded he would have “passed”.  But they were not.

The Officer refused to explain to this Accused why he had failed.  Eventually, the Accused did not trust the Officer and refused to do anything else for him due to the rampant unfairness with the field tests.  The Officer subsequently confided in other officers that he thought the blood test would help the Accused.  Now, the Officer’s weak DUI case was buttressed by his case of refusal against the Accused.  A terrible DUI case becomes a great DUI case by manipulating the Accused to refuse.  Typically an Accused will be forced to plead guilty to the DUI to hopefully avoid the one year hard suspension in Virginia for a refusal.

Best Waynesboro DUI Lawyer

Best Waynesboro DUI Lawyer







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